Ramswaroop Soren

(RAM – The complete guy with an incomplete Alias)

Soren,Who-My Story?

Ramswaroop Soren, just another engineering student πŸ˜› Surely, that doesn’t make me different from others, yup but my life story and future plans do matter in this serious question of distinguishment.

I come from a small village Sarjomtola located at the outskirts of The Steel City( Jamshedpur ). I completed my High School from Loyola School, Jamshedpur, and my Higher Secondary from Karim City College, Jamshedpur. Why changed schools in the same city you ask? I never wanted to! I loved my school, I was ready to study any subject at Loyola. Their were a lot of circumstances, prominent amongst them being not getting science at my school, yup, I was never an over average student πŸ˜› . As people do say, importance of few incidents aren’t realized instantly(Now I feel it).

In professional life, I had already started freelancing for local people at a very small scale. I have been very much fascinated with technology since I got my personal computer(for those interested – 256mb of RAM(DDR2 I guess..), 40GB of Hard Disk, LAN Card and a speaker set πŸ˜› ) . People around were doing a lot of stuff in their field of interest, I existed as a kid good for nothing, not even being mischievous :3 . With the motivation of my teachers and friends, I started tinkering with anything I found, just to get hang of everything I see and can afford to touch(I destroyed my PC several times). In 2013, I got a tag of International Finalist at Google Code In for Sahana Software Foundation, we’ll talk more about it at some other place.

And after 6 years of this enlighting thought, which at that instant didn’t seem to fit for a teenager who was never serious, I hereby stand with atleast some kind of untrained/self learned knowledge which people appreciate πŸ™‚ . Thank You ALL!

Today, I study Computer Science and Engineering at NIT DURGAPUR(yes, I somehow managed to crack JEE), constantly trying to improve on my skills(my habit of not studying seriously, hasn’t gone yet πŸ˜› ). I prefer sitting on computer or playing football rather than doing any other pleasurely stuff out there in the world.

That should be enough to know my past and bit of a present, to know more about me! Speak Up! Stay connected!  My blog will be functioning as a project log/occassional diary, so be ready of random stuff coming up there πŸ˜‰ 

My Skills(As a Hobbyist)



I speak HTML, CSS, JS and a little bit of PHP, rest is Node & Python(web2py)


Video Editor

Yup, I prefer compositing over editing


Technical Support

In these years, I have faced and solved quite a few issues, also, I am good at DuckDuckGoing/Googling πŸ˜›



I amΒ continuously working on my presentation skills and am quite good at making and delivering PPTs.



I have worked with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Systems(Microcontrollers) for projects, I use in day to day life.


Graphic Designer

Poster, Pamphlet , Logo. You name it, I do it πŸ˜›